Sponsorship Policy

It has become clear to the leadership within the organisation that the budget is becoming increasing eroded by the current financial climate. The organisation is working to increase the percentage of its operating budget that comes from the non-government sector. The Management Committee pays increasing attention to market forces without losing sight of the underlying mission of the organisation. The organisation is willing to take reasonable risks within sound business principles. Cassia is committed to a well-governed, well-managed and appropriately resourced organisation that can continue to serve this community. To do this it is necessary to source alternative and additional funding avenues. With this aim, this document sets out the broad policy guidelines for any sponsorship relationship.

1. Nature and principles of the relationship

2. Aims and benefits for Cassia

3. Benefits to the business sponsor

4. Limitations

Funds will always be raised in an ethical manner through activities and sponsorship that are consistent with the mission of the organisation.
Cassia will take into account

5. Sponsorship rights

The relationship negotiated will set out clearly the rights of the sponsor. These would be in the form of a written agreement, signed by both parties before commencement. These would be negotiated and would be influenced by the extent of the sponsorship, whether it was tied to a specific project or untied ie general operational costs, or goods, or services.
They may include:

6. Sponsorship obligations

The written agreement will need to clarify how much is to be contributed, and for what period, when it will be paid, and other specific terms which have been agreed. It will also cover the need for the sponsor to abide by the limitation agreed.